Coconut Oolong Tea: Comfort and Good Health

Next to plain old water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. While coffee drinking is still a strong culture in countries like America and southern Europe, tea is slowly creeping up the popularity ladder all because a lot of people have started to recognize its benefits for their health. And oolong tea increasingly being recognised for a number of benefits it can bring to some people. Today we are going to be looking at coconut oolong tea, something a little different but well worth trying.

Oolong Tea and its Benefits

Oolong tea, which is known in China as the “black dragon tea“, is produced through a special method. Tea leaves are oxidized and dried under the heat of the sun before everything is curled, twisted and packaged. Different varieties offer different aromas and flavors, which are dependent on the processing time and growing region. 

Several studies have proven that the regular consumption of tea promotes a healthy heart, regulates weight and normalizes blood pressure. In fact, Japanese research has revealed that people who drink tea have shown more energy throughout the day and displayed mental alertness while ageing. Teas contain antioxidants, which have the ability to neutralize free radicals; thus, can impede the onset of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

One beneficial aspect of Oolong is the fact that it contains a much lower amount of caffeine when compared to green or black tea. Also, it can reduce cholesterol and block disease causing free radicals. For a long time this has been marketed as a weight management beverage because there have been studies that say drinking at least four cups each day could increase the normal rate of metabolism (see our article here for more details about oolong’s many benefits); hence, aid in fat oxidation also. Further, Oolong tea has fluoride that can improve people’s dental health.

Coconut and Oolong Tea Combined

Coconut, on the other hand, has been known to bring positive effects on a person’s immune system, digestion, weight, hair, skin and several common diseases. Numerous research centers have revealed in their studies that coconuts are abundant in minerals, vitamins and fibers which make it a highly nutritious food product. 

Recently coconut oil has been of great interest to many because it has healing properties that no other natural dietary product has surpassed. The internal and external use of its oil derivative is the best way to get hold of the benefits. There are people who worry about its fat content; however, coconut oil has been discovered as a weight control aid. The components within the oil have the ability to boost a person’s rate of metabolism; thus, helping the body in burning extra calories. Further, it aids in the absorption of beneficial food product components to maximize nutrient absorption.

Because of its many benefits, coconut has become a popular ingredient in Oolong teas. Although the health benefits of consuming coconut oil are better than what you can get from coconut Oolong tea, the best components are still there. Since both the tea and the coconut are good for weight management and digestion, it could be a satisfying and comforting addition to the daily diet.

Popular Brands

Stash Tea, Oolong Blends

Price: $20.55, 18 count tea bags; pack of 6

Flavor: Coconut Mango Wuyi, Chocolate Mint Wuyi, White Peach Wuyi

Product Details: 

  • Six boxes, each with 18 tea bags
  • Oolong tea cultivated in Fujian Province with a combination of sweet coconut and mango flavor
  • This refreshing, tropical tea could be served iced or hot

Rishi Oolong Tea

Price: $49.93, 1 lb Bag

Product Details: 

  • Loose leaf
  • Makes 75 cups

Golden Moon Tea

Price: $13.39, 2oz Tin

Product Details: 

  • Hand picked and manually processed
  • 24 servings for 2oz tin can; 0.61 cents per cup
  • No broken or small pieces which usually come with ordinary teas